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Take your practice to the next level

In the financial services industry, it isn’t enough to say you offer traditional financial planning, insurance or investments. Clients are more discerning than ever before.  Their circumstances are complex. Your business is constantly required to deliver a greater degree of complexity and specificity to meet the average Canadian investors’ needs. 

Select is a major differentiator for your business, enabling you to deliver unparalleled financial experience to your clients. Our service: a discretionary investment management offering that is unrivaled in its combination of assets with low thresholds for clients to qualify. 

The Select mission is to build a unique, professional, investment management solution designed to optimize the practices of financial professionals.  Becoming a Select referral agent allows you to provide a more holistic financial offering to your clients while diversifying your revenue and reducing your administrative burden in the process.  Together these result in enhanced profitability, marketability, product diversification, and client experience.

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Why partner with Select?

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Looking to provide a more holistic investment offering to clients and diversify your revenue in the process? Select can help you do just that.  Collaborating with Select as a referral agent allows you to provide bespoke portfolio management services to your high-net-worth clients alongside your existing services. On average, a referral agent may grow their revenues by 33%.

Reduce Your Administrative Burden

As a referral agent, you could save thousands in costs and free up hundreds of hours per year to focus on deepening client relationships
and growing your practice.  Our administrative process utilizes automation, meaning you get faster service, fewer administrative headaches, and all the scalability benefits of a robo-advisor while maintaining the advantages of face-to-face portfolio management.

Stand out from the Crowd

By aligning with Select, we believe you strengthen your brand via the presence and recognition that we have already built. Our marketing has extended into various publications such as Fund Library, BNN Bloomberg, and the Knowledge Bureau – just to name a few.  We know that many financial service providers have clients needing an institutional level experience and Accilent has focused on delivering that experience since 2002. As a partner, you can leverage the Accilent brand to consolidate clients and grow your HNW business through inclusion of the Portfolio Manager in client and prospect meetings.

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